Posted by: mylifeisepic | June 28, 2007

Hello world!

Alright, here’s my first post in this blog.  I’ve had a few blogs before, but none of them ever materialize. But this one shall.  I’m determined. My good friend Dave has inspired me.

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer so far. After starting the new job here in Frisco in February, it’s been a great ride so far.  Getting to know all of the students has been the best part so far.  The student ministry is called “Epic Student Ministries,” and I think the title is fitting.  Epic means “surpassing the ordinary.” That rocks.  My prayer is that not only does this ministry start to surpass the ordinary youth ministry, but that the students here begin to realize that their life can surpass the ordinary as well. What a cool concept.

 The vision of Epic is “helping students live the best kind of lives,” and that means a life that is giving, serving, and living for God.  It’s simple.  No frills.  No smoke.  Just simply living for God, and following Jesus.  

My goal in this blog is to journey what’s going on not only in my life, but here in the Epic life.   So here goes.

 I head out to Mexico on Sunday for my first high school missions trip with the students here. I’m seriously looking forward to this one – got some great kids going and some really cool stuff planned.  Now it’s just the pre-trip scramble to get everything together.  

Oh, and thank God for TIVO – don’t wanna miss any “Man vs. Wild” at all.  Bear Grylls is a man.

Currently listening:

Nate Sallie

Thoughts: this cd is okay.  I like the “Holy Spirit” song, but it tends to sound like a bunch of other cds I’ve heard in the past.  A mix of old school DC Talk, Coldplay, Gavin Degraw, and mediocre Xian music.  

Synopsis:  NEXT. Get me something original and quality. Sorry, Nate.

I’ve been trying to read three different books at one time right now.  I just need to settle down and finish one, and then move on to the next one.  I know I’m not the only person who does that, but it’s a weakness right now. 

I’ll try to update a little bit while in Mexico.  But until then, adios – live an EPIC life.


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