Posted by: mylifeisepic | July 9, 2007

Currently Listening…

Here’s what’s on my iPod today:

1. “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani
thoughts: I dig this song. It’s so much like Gwen Stefani, yet so much NOT her. I think it’s a smooth song. Kudos.

2. “Transformers Theme” by MuteMath
thoughts: How cool is it that Mute Math did the theme song for such an important movie in pop culture history. I mean, this is TRANSFORMERS – robots in freakin’ disguise. Huge kudos to Paul Meany and the boys in the ‘math….yeah buddy.

3. “Minutes to Midnight” by Linkin Park
thoughts: Good cd. It’s a departure from normal Linkin Park, which is why I think I like it. Old LP was angry, and not that this LP cd is less anger, but it’s well put frustration. Good job.

4. “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” by Maroon 5
thoughts: Not bad. I like Maroon 5 quite a bit, so this cd was an easy sell with me. I had no idea the main single “Makes Me Wonder” had that word in it though. Kinda catchy, oddly enough. I’ll wait for cd #3 to call Maroon 5 a “great band” – they’re just good for now.

5. “Only You” by The David Crowder Band
thoughts: Boo-yeah. I love this song, and the DCB is one of the top 10 band in my all-time registrar. Bring on the next cd, my friends…bring it on.



  1. no Quiet Riot?

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