Posted by: mylifeisepic | September 15, 2007

New friends.

We had a visitor at the Alexander house this week. Now, we’ve met all of the neighbors already, so meeting this new friend was a bit of a shock.

Tarantula. wheeee!.

I grew up in East Texas, and vermin are easy to deal with. Pull out a .22 or a pellet gun and they’re gone. Boom. Kaput. Bye-Bye.

My wife grew up in El Paso. I thought she’d be more used to seeing creepy crawly things – but I was dead wrong.

Little Jeanette used her 2001 Honda Accord as a deadly weapon this week and violently squished this tarantula in our driveway. I admit – it was really odd. I’ve honestly never seen a tarantula before (other than in a zoo or animal exhibit). So, here’s a toast to a freshly dead tarantula.

Jeanette says that if we ever have one of these inside our house that we are moving.

I’m calling her bluff.


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