Posted by: mylifeisepic | October 11, 2007

ministry self promotion?


I was reading on a web page today that had some bio’s of a ministry leader and his wife. I was very intrigued about how our ministry bio’s have now become stats of what “we” have done. For example…

–> ” that grew from 100 to 400 students in 3 months under her leadership. She had a second service and life group ministry touching another 250 students every week. She raised up and directed a youth staff of 65 ministry volunteers. The staff she raised up to continue on in her absence are planning facility expansion to hold the continued growth they are experiencing.”


–> “While at _______ they experienced an explosive 1000 % growth, started 20 Bible Clubs on local campuses and gave over $50,000 yearly to Speed-the-Light. While at Life Center ______ oversaw a Youth Ministry with a weekly attendance of over 1000 students. His passion is souls and his mission is to infect a generation with the Passion, the Power, and the Presence of God.”

Who cares? Honestly.

I’m not trying to be a “modern ministry stick in the mud,” but really, what is with all of the ministry self promotion? “I did this…” “I had this many…” “I saw this happen…”

Just not appealing to me, folks. I think there is something wrong with us when we fall into the numbers trap as the only thing that signifies health in ministry.

I hate to see this though: “I had 5000 in my church….but my family fell apart.” OR “I saw 400 people come to know Christ….but my own kids hate God.”

Stop the ministry self promotion – it’s getting sickening.



  1. Yep. I just wish they would just put – “Enjoys ‘teaching’ people to pastor, because they burnt themselves out doing ministry. Plus their health is suffering, they can’t remember the second child’s middle name, and the money’s better being the keynote.”

    That sounds negative, but really think about it. If that description was next to a speaker – I’d go hear him.

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