Posted by: mylifeisepic | October 26, 2007

Open Sourcing Ministry.

A new(er) trend within the Church has been open sourcing. This term was made popular in computer science and programming when a tech company would make their program “open source” and would allow other developers and users to custom make programs and add-ons using the software base code that was already created. Great concept.

Lately, this has just taken off within the church, and I am a big proponent of it. It allows churches with media departments, creative minds, and cutting edge work to help other churches not SUCK so bad. I think it’s helpful, and extremely KINDGOM MINDED. It helps us realize it’s not about us (an individual church) but rather us, the collective universal Church (capital C). I think it’s a Jesus thing to do.

Here are some of my favorite Open Sourcing churches/ministries:
1. – a website that allows people to upload their artwork (jpegs, psds, ai files, etc) for people to download for free. I’ve already used some of these graphics and plan on uploading some of mine on day.
2. – Life Church is an amazing movement coming out of Oklahoma and Craig Groeschel. They have an amazing media and creative team and they put ALL, and I mean ALL, of their stuff on their Open site for use. They have postcard graphics, poster graphics, Intro Videos, Teaser videos, Video Illustrations, sermon outlines, sermon transcripts, small group questions – you name it!!! These guys I think started the whole Open Sourcing Revolution in the Church. They are always putting out great stuff, and I applaud them for what they are doing.

The Vine

3. The Vine Resources Southeast Christian Church in Kentucky puts out some pretty good stuff. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but what they have up there is pretty solid.

There are TONS more, and maybe I’ll get around to another post on it. But these are some of the best places to find graphics to customize for your church, your ministry, or whatever you’re doing. Just don’t sell it – it doesn’t work that way.

But my question is what’s next? What’s the future of open sourcing within the church? Is it limited to just graphics and media, or do we push the envelope and go to the next level?



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