Posted by: mylifeisepic | October 26, 2007

working on this old house

well, after being in the house 2 months, we’re finally starting to get some stuff done around this place. Last week, we got the dining room painted. Picture here:

living room

Today, I went and picked up the new gas range/stove, installe that (much to my wife’s dismay. She was concerned that I would find a way to blow our house to smithereens b/c it’s a gas stove. But, it was easy as pie. Or, cake. One of those two. ) And then I picked up my grandma’s 125 year old china hutch for our dining room, as well as a really old “ice box” from the 20s or 30s that fits perfectly in our kitchen. It’s a pre-refridgerator refridgerator. It’s odd. About 4 and a half feet high, with a door on top that opens into a compartment. This is where the ice was held after it was delivered to your house/farm/homestead/pimp pad back in the day. Then, there is an uber-insulated compartment below that for normal refridgeration needs. The ice would drip down and help insulate the other items below. Rather smart. But, our house is coming together. Gutters around the sides of the house is a next project, as well as figuring out how to grow grass in our back yard.

Oh well, one project at a time.



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