Posted by: mylifeisepic | November 24, 2007

Car Commercials – setting the standard.

Since I’ve spent hours this holiday sitting in front of the TV, I’ve seen my share of car commercials.

They all tend to be the same. With exception for a few national ads that get aired for a new car or for special occasions (Super Bowl, etc), they all fit the same formula.

1. Same generic voice-over.
2. Footage of the car driving in the mountains/woods.
3. Mind numbing talk about APR, financing, percentages, etc.
4. They are all boring.
5. They drive me nuts.

OR – they are the local car stores who have the guy with the BIG and CRAZY personality who is daring you to come down and “buy today!” and trade in their babies or something like that.

Who is going to be the one to find a new way to communicate and advertise? Who is going to be the one to find the next thing in car sales?

Similarly, are we fitting church into a “formula” with a generic voice over on Sunday mornings, boring footage of a Christian living in a boring, non-threatening/challenging environment, and mind numbing talks about religion, shallow faith, etc, and are boring?

I feel that we do sometimes. It’s a shame.




  1. I found a number of car commercials for BMW, Jag, and Porsche that made me stop for a moment. Interesting context.

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