Posted by: mylifeisepic | January 2, 2008

Top 10 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs

A single song in a movie can make or break the entire film. A soundtrack can either be a masterpiece or a master piece of junk.

AOL has put together a list of the “77 Most Unforgettable Movie Songs,” and I’m going to post the top 10.

10. “Hero” from “Spiderman”
9. “The Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing”
8. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion in “Titanic”
7. “Old Time Rock and Roll” from “Risky Business”
6. “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel for “Say Anything”
5. “Unchained Melody” from “Ghost”
4. “You Should be Dancin” from “Saturday Night Fever”
3. “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John for “Almost Famous”
2. “Lose Yourself” by Eminem for “8 Mile”

AND…the #1 song used in a film is…

1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen for use in “WAYNE’S WORLD”!!!!

I thought this was an excellent list. I think there are a few great soundtracks out now. Here are some of my favorites:

The “Little Miss Sunshine” soundtrack
“Garden State” soundtrack
“There Will Be Blood” Soundtrack – with Jonny Greenwood.

When making a video or movie or series bumper, the song is one of the most important parts (that and the font). So, I love this list of quality movies tunes. Let’s see a little more good music used in movies.




  1. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus on Silence of the Lambs…. easily tops a few on your list.

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