Posted by: mylifeisepic | February 1, 2008

Election 2008 – The issues

Found this at and have been perusing it. Very good as we start to really check out the candidates and the issues at hand:

Check out Issues: Election Center 2008 (



  1. If the economy is the highest priority for many, if not most, americans, then why does CNN not think that it is important to display the candidates view on the national budget which controls all govt spending????

    I would like to know the democrat position in particular.

  2. I am very disappointed in how the media i.e. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc, have covered the democratic debate. It is almost a collective disappointment that the fireworks they anticipated didn’t materialize leaving them and their pundants to sensationalize to the best of their abilities. Case in point: After repeatedly showing the “so called snub” after the State of the Union Address, the desired response would have been for the candidates to at least to have engaged concerning the snub. It didn’t happen. One issue I for one would love to hear fleshed out is Clinton’s experience. A valid explanation of her “35 years”. She actually spoke of it during the debate which begs the question, was she the co-governor of Arkansas and co-president of the United States? So I would like to hear the cable network news channels actually address issue related questions verses rather than ratings based sensationalism.

  3. I have a political question for Hillary Clinton. With our current political situation in the Middle East, where woman are 2nd class, sometimes even 3rd class citizen’s. How will she keep America from looked down upon by the Middle Eastern countries that have do not respect woman?

  4. The economy may be a high prority with american citizens, but there is very little if anything that government can do to improve it, with the exception of lowering taxes an interest rates. The economy is driven by supply and demand and will always have its highs and lows, but to believe that the government can have any substantial control over it is ludicrous and nieve. As for the democrats believing they can improve the ecomomy is idiotic. Today’s democrats are socialists and socialism is actually works to destroy economy’s rather than help them. Socialism works to stifle competition and innovation, because in socialism there is no incentive whatsoever to work. Capitalism and free markets is the only way to allow an economy to grow and expanded over the long run. So be careful with the likes of clinton and obama all they want to do is to have control over our lives and make us dependent on them to make our decisions.

  5. You all make good points. I think it’s going to be an excellent election – so let’s keep an close eye out today on Super Tuesday.

    Let’s see if it’s truly “super” or just a super letdown.

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