Posted by: mylifeisepic | February 1, 2008

I am LOST!


Okay, I used to be a big LOST fan. I was a steady and faithful viewer the first few seasons. But something happened last season and I completely missed the entire season just about. I felt so lost – literally. So, I was discouraged as we approached last night, which was the season premiere of LOST. Although it is only an 8 episode season, it can still count as a season, right?

I took advantage of the 1 hour recap before the season premiere, and I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to catch up with all that I missed last season. But, after that 1 hour recap, i was more excited about it than ever! AND, last night did not disappoint at all. I thought it was a GREAT start to the new season. Man, what a great show!

I think it shows the quality of the show that I can miss an entire season and still jump in and be excited about it. Have I missed stuff? Of course, but i think I got the gist of it and I’m ready to rock and roll this season. Only 47 more total episodes of LOST are left!

But I got to thinking about how I was able to jump back onto LOST after missing SO much – and I was accepted back with open arms by Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Jack, and the others.

When someone leaves the church or walks away from their faith, are willing to accept them back and “fill them in” on what they have missed? I sure hope so. Working with teenagers, I’ve talked with many of them who have walked away from God, but they are so nervous about getting back into it, fearing they have missed too much “prime time” material, and that they won’t be welcomed back by the people in their faith community.

I’ve struggled with my faith, still do, and I pray that i can be as inviting, forgiving, and welcoming to those who run, fall, fail, mess up, don’t succeed and run away and miss way too much.



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