Posted by: mylifeisepic | February 8, 2008

Someone call the ambulance!


Well, apparently you need to drink water BEFORE you work out vigorously.

I passed out tonight at the gym in the locker room. It was really strange.

I did 10 minutes of warm-up cardio when I first got to the gym. I must have done too much too fast.

Then, I did 10 minutes of good ab workouts, then I worked on my back, chest, arms, and then Casey helped me out with some new lat workouts.

Then it all went bad.

I started feeling queasy, so I went into the locker room to puke. But, I never puked – I just passed out.

WHAMO! Right on the floor. Some dude asked me “Hey man – are you okay?” Which all I could muster out was, “Yeah…I just passed out. Should be fine.”

I got right up and went and laid on a bench and recovered. But I’ve never passed out before. It was crazy.

I think I overheated because I didn’t drink enough water before I started vigorously working out.

So, there we have it – you learn something every day.



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