Posted by: mylifeisepic | February 19, 2008

Jesus is for Lovers – part 3

Well, we’ve had 2 weeks of “Jesus is for Lovers” and we continue with part 3 this week. Here’s the basic rundown so far:

Week 1: What love is NOT. This was a fun week about getting everybody on the same page about defining love before we talk about love, dating, and sex. Some of the points were that love is not just a feeling or an emotion. We can know this because God is Love…and God is more than just a feeling or an emotion. Good week.

Week 2: S-E-X. We broke out into small groups (HS guys, HS girls, MS guys, MS girls) this week and it was really interesting. Because of the space issue currently at the church, we had the girls in the auditorium separated by a cloth “wall”, the MS guys in one of the pre-school rooms, and the HS guys (we had 30 show up – YEAH!) outside in the drop-off area. Yeah, that’s right- the guys were outside in 40 degree weather. That’s the coldest talk about sex I’ve ever had. Some of our points between the four groups were: God created sex (it isn’t bad!), creating boundaries, respect (for self and others), purity is possible, and second chances. Good week – TONS of visitors.

Week 3: The Dating Challenge – this is tomorrow night. We’re refusing to let this series be just another sex and dating series for students – we refuse to let this be UNforgettable. We are determined to make it memorable. So, we are talking about Romans 12:1-2, and offering our bodies up as living sacrificies. We have a dating challenge for these students that may scare them a little bit, but I refuse to candy-coat anything. We are going to challenge them hardcore – let’s see if they respond. I don’t think this generation is challenged enough.

We’ll see how this goes! Woohoo!



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