Posted by: mylifeisepic | March 8, 2008

Lessons for Ministry from Boston Market

This past week I had lunch with one of the leaders/teachers at the church and in the Student Ministries, and he is a Vice President at Boston Market. He was talking about what he does, and how he travels across the country and visits dozens of stores a week and meets with their team. His main responsibility is to listen to the workers, find out what is working and what isn’t, and what their thoughts are.

Something he said really stuck out to me and relates to ministry, and to life in general. He said that it really doesn’t matter how much food you are selling, but it’s about the health of the organization – and if the workers are happy in their environment.

I think in relation to staffing an organization (yes, a church), this rings so true. If selling our “product” in a church becomes the most important thing to us, we’re wrong and we’re unhealthy.

I’m more and more convinced that it’s about the health of the team – the health of the organization that makes it grow. Not just it’s events/programs, but how the people who WORK in the organization feel about the organization.

And a question that I think we continually need to ask ourselves (as ministry workers), would I go to the church that I work at? If the answer is no – it’s time to re-evaluate.

But the danger is when a church/organization won’t take the time to look inside – to evaluate the inner most parts of the organization.  I don’t know if they are scared of the truth, scared that it will cause them more work, or they just believe that they can’t be wrong.  Either way, we MUST be constantly evaluating ourselves – who we are, what we do, and making sure the most important things matter.




  1. our life without the church may lead to wrong direction. The people from this institution serves as our light of path and guide.

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