Posted by: mylifeisepic | March 10, 2008

Great Albums Under the Radar

I love talking about music – and finding out what other people are listening to. I admittedly have a hard time listening to pop radio. There just isn’t much on there that I really like. Because of that, I am putting a list (not in any order) of a few albums that I really enjoy that may or may not be flying under your radar. If they are, I highly encourage you to go pick them up…!

(remember, these are in no particular order):

Jon Foreman EPs
“Fall” & “Winter”

James Morrison

Amos Lee
“Amos Lee”

Johnny Greenwood
“There Will Be Blood Soundtrack”

Sleeping At Last
“Keep No Score”

“Dreaming Out Loud”

ANY Derek Webb CD
“Mockingbird”, “She Must and Shall Go Free”, “The Ringing Bell”, “I See Things Upside Down”

ANY Robbie Seay CD
“Give Yourself Away”, “Better Days”

Sigur Ros
“( )”

Eddie Vedder
“Into the Wild Soundtrack”

Just trust me. These albums are UN-BE-LIEVA-BLE. (odd , I know).

You can find them all on iTunes,, Zune Marketplace, or wherever you find your tunes.




  1. I’ll play along. Ditto for poop… I mean pop music on the radio. Here’s some of my favorite under the radar/ not on the radio CDs.
    -Jose Gonzalez “In Our Nature”
    -Cold War Kids “Robbers & Cowards” or their more “Christian” album “The Mulberry EP”
    -Andrew Bird “Imitosis” I just like that one track
    -Ditto on John Foreman’s stuff
    -Alexi Murdock “Time without Consequences”
    -Ditto on Amos Lee
    -The Decemberists “Crane Wife” Amazing music with lyrics that tell stories
    -Ray LaMontagne “Till The Sun Turns Black”
    -All of Sufjan Steven’s stuff

    OK that’s some of my personal favorites that are on my iPod and not on the radio.

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