Posted by: mylifeisepic | March 11, 2008

Deadly Viper Character Assassins

With yesterday’s news about New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer being caught in a prostitution ring, it makes me wonder. Spitzter was a former lawyer who fought against prostitution and “immorality” with an “iron fist” and had vowed to clean up the government of it’s corruption. It’s sad to see another person with good intentions, good “talk” in front of other people, but weakness to assassinate their own character.

Cue the Deadly Viper Character Assassins.

Deadly Viper is a new leadership initiative dedicated to beginning a strategic conversation on the issues of radical integrity and radical grace. Our key target market is next generation leaders who are willing to risk it all and live life to the fullest.

And the Spitzer thing, as well as another post I read on Carlos Whittaker’s blog about a pastor friend of his who was cut down and left his family for another woman. Assassinated by self.
Who are the assassins in our life that we need to watch out for?

The Assassin of Character Creep

This stealth assassin is all about undermining our long-term success. Often a lifetime of work can be greatly impacted by a few quick, careless decisions. Leaders often engage in “character creep” as they subtly and slowly cross lines.


The Assassin of Zi Qi Qi Ren

This assassin gets its name from a Chinese term meaning “self deception while deceiving others.” Subtly we can begin to shade the truth, refuse to face reality and deceive ourselves. A leader begins to live with lies and travels down a slippery slope until this assassin takes you out. Due to our emerging digital age, the internet, and because everyone who has a blog is a reporter, secrecy is officially dead. Effective leaders embrace transparency, honesty, and a willingness to admit mistakes.


The Assassin of Amped Emotions

Too often we either ignore our emotions on one extreme or we let unhealthy emotions guide our decision making on the other. Either way, our emotions can have deadly impact on meaningful leadership. To avoid this assassin, a leader must focus on emotional health for sustained success.


The Assassin of the Headless Sprinting Chicken

Ever felt like you’re sliding into a meltdown? On a bad roller coaster ride headed for the crazy farm? Ever felt like the demands on your life are simply unsustainable? If so, you just might have booked yourself an appointment with the Assassin of the Headless Sprinting Chicken. He’ll beat you to a pulp, lop your head off, and take nunchucks to your loved ones all the while you buzz around from one manic appointment to another.


The Assassin of Boom Chicka Wah Wah

Most people in leadership will get the opportunity to hop into the sack with someone inappropriately. You will have the opportunity to cross a line sexually. You will be faced with a situation that looks like you just can’t pass up. It’s not if, it’s when. So unless you want to be plundered by the Boom Chicka Wah Wah Assassin, we need to be prepared to make good decisions in the area of sexuality and relationships.


The Bling Bling Assassin

Our culture teaches that we are what we have. Materialism can drive us for more and more money all the while our contentment and fulfillment level is dropping. Warrior leaders have healthy views on generosity, giving, and how to make a living and not make a dying.


The High and Mighty Assassin

Often leaders do what they do in an unhealthy pursuit of proving one’s worth. Ego reveals itself in a devaluing of others to inflate oneself or in believing one’s own press reports. The long-term effect of this behavior is a life that comes up short and meaningless. Leaders must train and fight for a centered perspective while maintaining respect for others. Otherwise the steely blade from this assassin may be pressed against your throat.

So, no matter WHERE or WHO you are (minister, businessman/woman, husband, wife) – watch out for these Assassins in your own life – they are out to get you.




  1. Great stuff my friend!!

  2. Aaron…lovin’ the blog! Great point about Spitzer’s situation…even those in positions of authority are faced with the challenges of maintaining personal integrity.

    Mike Foster’s Deadly Viper Assassins looks awesome! I haven’t read it yet but a friend of mine has been telling me about it for a bit. Thanks for the overview on it.

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