Posted by: mylifeisepic | March 25, 2008

Best Worship Songs (2 of ?)

One of my favorite worship songs is by a not so well known worship leader/musician by the name of Robbie Seay. Robbie is the worship Leader at Ecclesia, a church in Houston, where his brother, Chris Seay, just happens to be the pastor. Not only is the church refreshing, new, and alive, but Robbie’s songs are as well. On his first cd “Better Days,” Robbie has a song called “Hallelujah God is Near.”

To me, one of the hallmarks of a good worship song is when the focus is not on us, and our feelings/wants, but on God – and who He is. There’s something powerful about that – worshiping our God for who He is.

And what I love about this song is that it’s incredibly Biblical. It isn’t a generic worship song with lots of “I love You” and “You are Holy” and “I need You” type of rhetoric. That is good and all, but when a song is able to have depth (as I wrote about in a previous post), it makes it even more meaningful.

So here is “Hallelujah, God is Near” by Robbie Seay

God’s resplendent glory full
On display for all to see
God creator – God of hope
Beautiful redeeming Grace

Healer of the broken down
Of the orphans and oppressed
Find Him dining with the poor
Find Him here surrounding

Hallelujah God is near
Hallelujah God is near

From oceans depth to cedar trees
Fields of wheat along the plains
Praise to God from all the earth
Praise Him from the mountaintops

His radiance is greater than
Anything on earth and sky
Stars and moon will guard the night
Shinning to the God on high
Let true love break out in praise
Let it dance and praise His name
All creation join to sing
Hallelujah to the king

We love, oh, we love
We sing, oh, we sing to You
We shout Hallelujah
We shout Hallelujah

Hallelujah – He is here. How simple. How beautiful. How simply beautiful. For chords, you can find them here.




  1. Agreed. I love that song… that cd is addicting.

  2. Best CD of all time!

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