Posted by: mylifeisepic | April 1, 2008


My wife and I are thinking about taking a good vacation this year – but definitely something different.  We talked about a cruise.  We talked about the beach.  We talked about New York City.  All are great…but we can do those things any year.

But Scotland.  Now that is not somewhere we get to go ever year.

So, we looked into it and found some GREAT airline tickets ($291 per person – round trip) in and out of Edinburgh, Scotland.  We want to backpack this trip, stay in some hostels (maybe one nice hotel), take public transportation as much as possible, and make it a real adventure.  There are some great castles to visit, the Scottish Highlands to explore, and we can’t forget the Loch Ness Monster! AARHH!

But we are very excited about this trip.  We’ve never planned a trip this far out in advance (including our honeymoon….so sad).

So here comes Scotland! AYY!




  1. sounds like a splendid trip me lad. I think ye should grow out yer’ hair and paint yer face blue before goin.

    [my best guess at how to type Scottish, thank you]

  2. Sweet! That will be an awesome trip, I’m jealous.

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