Posted by: mylifeisepic | April 9, 2008

Shift Conference – Day 1 (part 1)

So far, the Shift Conference has been exactly what I’ve needed. It’s amazing how God speaks to us, talks to us quietly about something, and then reminds us, reminds us again, and reminds us some more.

Session 1 this morning was lead by Brian McLaren, and it was about what the church sees as important and what issues they spend their time dealing with. I’ll have a longer post on this later – it was THAT good.

Session 2 was lead by Mark Yaconelli, and he had some great things to say. Here are some soundbytes:

“when you get older, you don’t lose your hair – it just retires to florida. florida, in my landscape, is my nipples.”

“To be a spiritual guide, we must spend time with the spirit. and when we do that, one of the things the spirit is asking of us is to be broken.”

“when was the last time you felt vulnerable, empty? When was the last time you had room in your schedule for God to do something?”

“”Part of our calling is to “grieve.” we live in a world of ungrieved grief. ”

“we don’t need anything – we need LESS. we have all that we need. your desire to love kids and our desire for God is enough.”

“You already have God’s presence in your church and your ministry, and God has been ministering to them, and He will continue to do that. Our job is to listen – pay attention to what He is doing – and to follow.”

“Remember the Sabbath – it’s a commandment. “Work, and then take a day off”

“We are always constraining God in little boxes, little understandings. What God longs for us is to be alive, to not go numb. when there is suffering – we weep. when there is joy – we dance.”

“To be alive is to slow down and feel God’s life – to be broken by things that SHOULD break us – to be vulnerable.”

“Be committed to be a LIVING PERSON among young people.”

Overall, very thought provoking and refreshing.

Shane Claiborne is up next, and this is the one I’m most excited about!



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