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Breakout 2 – Missional Jesus

Breakout 2
Missional Jesus
Scott McKnight

1.  Missional is today’s buzzwords

Discipleship is a new thing (late 70s)

Christian life to spiritual formation

People are nervous about the world evangelism, so they use the word missional.
Evanglism has morphed into missional.  It’s not as clear, so evangelism is as murky as the word evangelism

Theology of the word “missional”
missional comes from “mission literature – missiological studies” (missio dei).  there is the conviction that we have to discover what God’s mission in the world is and our responsibility is to partake in that mission (Acts 1:8 – church participates in God’s work)
the church doesn’t DO mission – it IS mission.  when the church isn’t missional, it isn’t church.  a lot of church then struggle with taht definition.  to many churches, it’s all about sunday services and a sermon.  The mission of the church is to do whatever God wants done in this world
we prefer the word missional for 5 reasons:  it avoids simplistic evangelism (it’s not about just accepting christ in your heart, but participating in God’s work), it affirms ‘holistic” evangelism (the work is bigger than jsut going to heaven because God is bigger than just going to heaven), it allows for “justice” and justice ministries, it attracts ecumenical cooperation, it asserts the primacy of the Kingdom of God (it looks very carefully at what Jesus teaches in the kingdom of God and says “we have to begin here”)

The “Lukan Threat” – the kingdom of God mission according to Jesus

Luke 1:46-55 (Mary’s Song)

Mary is for Protestant Evangelicals like an exotic aunt that shows up around Christmas time. She is probably 14 or 15 years old at this time (according to tradition)

Mary looks at Herod and says, “things are changing.”  She is so confident that the birth of Christ will change history SO much, even that is is already done (past tense).   mary’s song is a mosaic of old testament hopes.  What did Mary think?  Revolution? Justice?  The revolution of peace, justice, and the work God is going to do.

Zechariah (John the Baptist’s father) verses 67-79

What is Zechariah’s vision for society with Jesus?  A society with justice, purpose, freedom, to worship God in holiness.  (Zech & Mary are on the same page)

John the Baptist – Luke 3:4-6, 10-14
He doesn’t just say “go to church and be saved” but rather “give, share, be honest, don’t extort, be content, etc)

Breakout groups:  if we just have Mary, Zechariah & John, what is the mission of God to and in this world.

(stand to read scripture, sit to discuss scripture in Jesus’ time)

“he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom for prisoners, heal the blind, set the oppressed free, proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor (jubilee).  then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down”

Luke 6 – blessed are the poor, blessed are you who weep, etc…(Sermon on the Mount)

It isn’t a violent revolution (where the poor oppressed start oppressing the rich oppressors), but a change of society.

“This is a bible that makes sense”

Luke 7:8 – john the baptist talking to Jesus

(as protestants, we don’t pay attention to Mary)

Acts 1:14- Pentecostal prayer meeting, MARY the mother of Jesus is there.  “wonders and signs performed by the apostles….all believers were together and had everything in common”

Mary’s Song
John the Baptist
Jesus’ ignogural sermon
Sermon on the Mount
Peter’s sermon


The mission of Jesus is the church.

Missional Jesus IS the church.

why do we do altar calls the way that we do?  Is the prayer the achievement?  or do we just call on students to follow Jesus.  Give them opportunities to pray with us.

Turn from HOW you are living and participate in what God is asking us to do.

Why DO we do them the way that we do?

QUOTE:  The church is wherever people are gathered around Jesus.

you can get “kingdom” divorced from the church, but you can never get “kingdom” divorced from Jesus.

“i think we have narrowed sin to guilt based on moral transgression, and feel that if we eliminate guilt, we get out of it.  we must be forgiven of ALL of it”

Missional Community
It is a “jesus” community Mark 3:31-35
It is an “alternative” community Matthew 17:24-27
it is a “prophetic” community
it is a “moral” community



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