Posted by: mylifeisepic | April 21, 2008

Brian McLaren Session at Shift

Here are notes from Brian McLaren’s session at the Shift Conference last week (HT to Gavin):

Brian Mclaren
Everything Must Change

* Used to recruit teenagers to go to heaven, instead we need to recruit teenagers for missions and getting involved. Because lot’s of people are waking up trying to recruit students for money, fame, etc.
* (this was from the 70’s when he was a volunteer) What issues are going on in your church? – charismatic movement, jeans in church, drums and guitar in church, freewill destination
* (this was from the 70’s when he was a volunteer) What issues keep you up at night? over population, nuclear war, famine, disease
* Every kid he recruited to get serious about church he felt he was doing wrong b/c they would grow up to argue about church things instead of the other list!
* 2 questions from his book, “everything must change”: what are the top 5 global issues. What did Jesus say about global issues
* Went over the 8 Millennium Development Goals from the UN – never heard of it
* 4 Global Crises:
* Social machine – what do humans want? Prosperity. Then comes Security to protect the Prosperity. Equity to pay for prosperity and security.
o 1st Crises: Planetary/Prosperity Crises – the planet cannot handle our way of life. Global Warming, oil, water
o 2nd Crises: Equity Crises –
o 3rd Crises: Security Crises – instead of the rich saying let’s help those poor people they say let’s get more guns because they are going to come after us.
o 4th Crises: Religious/Framing Story – Our cells are all unified in the story of me. Usually stories come from religion. Very often our religions are very often driving us to baptize our own story people
* Four Stories:
o Domination/Empire – We’re in charge and it’s going to be great
o Revolution/Redemptive War – We’re not in charge but we should be
o Revenge/Scapegoating – we’re in charge but the reasons things aren’t going well is because it is (fill in the blank’s) fault
o Isolation/Withdrawal – Forget it, it’s all going down let’s withdrawal and get in our own bubble make it right for us
* Very close to Jesus’ day:
o Domination/Empire – Sadducees, Heodians
o Revolution – Zealots
o Revenge – Pharisees
o Isolation – Essenes
* Jesus Proclaimed a radically different framing story (another word for story is news) Jesus said I have a better story/news, “Good News”
* All of those stories lead to nowhere. Caesar cannot meet all of those needs and it won’t work.



  1. so what part of the problem are you?

  2. I’m at Willow Creek Arts Conference and he’s giving the same talk as I sit here. Amazing.

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