Posted by: mylifeisepic | May 6, 2008

Books I’m Reading:

Jesus for President – by Shane Claiborne

I’m about 3/4 of the way through this one and I really like it so far.  It’s not a “religious right” view on faith & politics, and how we need more Christians in government, but rather about what life would be like if Jesus WAS our President.  What would life be like?  Could he (or would he have) be the President?  It’s a strong discourse in the life of a follower of Christ – how truly following Christ should shape our views on government, politics, and how faith is weaved in all of them.  Very good read so far.  One of the best parts of this book is the graphics and layout.  The artists at Sharp Seven Design (who are also the band The Cobalt Season) designed it – and it’s absolutely stunning.  It’s the most visual appealing book I have ever picked up, and you can check out some of the spreads here.  I’ll wait until I finish it to give it a full grade, but as of right now it’s a solid A-.

The Dust Off Their Feet – by Chris Seay

I just started reading this one, but I’m intrigued by it already.  It’s the Book of Acts from the Bible retold in a story format, with some creative liberties taken (with dialogue – never theology).  It has contributions from Chris Seay, David Capes, Chuck Smith, Jr., Tim Keel, Kerry Shook, Leonard Sweet, Donald Miller, Charlie Hall, Don Chaffer, and quite a few other theologians, scholars, pastors, and musicians.  It’s in a series of books/articles title “The Voice Project.” This should be good.

Reading the Sermon on the Mount – by Charles Talbert

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most fascinating pieces of Biblical literature.  It’s full of blessings, curses, theological gems, things that make you go “hmm?” – and it’s Jesus’ own words.  I’m convinced that if we lived more by the words and philosophy of Jesus and not our own philosophies we would be more like Him.  Maybe not the Jesus we have created in our world today…but how Jesus really is.  I’m honestly not looking forward to this book that much because I am a little nervous about what it will expose about my own life – and how far I am away from living life truly how Jesus wants us to live it.

What are you reading?




  1. Aaron,

    Great blog, I came across it via Herman’s Bridge, which was another random connection. I just got done with Jesus For President and loved it too. It makes you realize that not only is another world possible, but it is what God is asking us to do.


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