Posted by: mylifeisepic | May 6, 2008

Student Venture

Last night I was invited to speak at a Frisco Area Student Venture meeting.  I was not real clear on what exactly Student Venture was all about before the meeting, but I was honored to go speak to the students.  Most of the students (high school) who attended last night went to either Frisco High School or Wakeland High School, but the meeting was actually at Pizza Hut Park, in one of their awesome party rooms.  Most of the students go to church somewhere in the area, but some of them did not.

Student Venture is a  ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, with it’s focus on reaching students on the high school campuses and getting them involved in a faith community/church.  I think it’s a great ministry.  The Frisco area SV is lead by Randy Creech, and he has been in Student Venture for 30 years – right out of college.

I gave the “Jesus is for Lovers” talk last night – specifically the “What Love is NOT” talk.  It was great to get to talk to and share with students who weren’t “mine” – meaning they aren’t in my youth group.  I would welcome anybody pouring into my students and helping them in any way they can.

Last night’s meeting got me curious about what other campus ministries are active in the Frisco and McKinney schools, and how we can partner up to help reach these students.



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