Posted by: mylifeisepic | May 9, 2008

“LOST” in translation

I love the show “LOST.” I think it is well written, it has a great creative concept, and a great story. Part of the show that I both love and hate at the same time is how we are always left with questions. As soon as one question gets answered, two more sprout up just begging to be answered. And more often than not, some questions just go unanswered- left to the viewer to figure itout on their own. I absolutely love that! I think that is one of the reasons the show has such a hige following: it requires the viewer to think.

What a concept.

Often, in the church, we feel that we need to ask the question, then ask it again, and then answer it. Because the average church goer just can’t figure it out on their own…right?

But what if we were wrong ( which we are)? What if we took a more “LOST” approach to church and just asked the question…and asked some more…and then encouraged the church goer to figures ome of it out on their own?

Could it bring more depth? More good questions?

I’m not sure….lets find out!



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