Posted by: mylifeisepic | May 30, 2008

Epic Block Party

Whew, we finished our Epic Block Party last night and it was a huge success! Here’s the rundown:

1 inflatable “Joust”

1 basketball goal

6 skateboard ramps/jumps

1 football

2 volleyballs

1 soccer ball

20 leaders

1 band (In Fair Verona)

1 huge wooden stage

250 hamburgers

300 hot dogs

400 sodas

1 hot dog eating contest (won by the venerable Chris Johnson)

0 punches to the face (YEAH!)

3 neighbor complaints (oops)

2 adult neighbors come join the party b/c it was so much stinkin’ fun

8 kids from the neighborhood come join the party

1 police officer showing up to shut us down


241 students (plus leaders)

Wow!!! It was a great time! Thanks to all the Epic staff who pulled it off – and thanks to the Wessner’s Life Group for doing all of the cooking and food prep – yeah!

Overall, it was a great night. It always gets a little hairy within an hour of start-up, but it got off without a hitch (even if a little late). But it was a fun way to start the summer.




  1. It was so much fun. The band gave mea bit of a headache though haha.

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