Posted by: mylifeisepic | July 14, 2008


I’ve been a part of Twitter (I guess that makes me a twit) for quite a while now, so it’s cool to see it finally start to gain steam and see some of my friends (Aubrey & Mark) start to take part. You can follow me here.

Twitter is simply miniature blogging. It has a ton of cool possibilities of how it can be used. On a personal level, it’s cool to be able to keep follow family/friends/colleagues and other people you may know and see what they are doing, resources they can pass on, and communicate with them via Twitter. I’ve met and talked to some pretty cool people using Twitter.

From a ministry standpoint, I think it is gold. Pure gold. I used it last week so parents of my High School students could follow us while we were on a missions trip in Mexico. It helped keep them up to date with what we were doing, even hour by hour updates of where we were on our drive back. There are tons of ways this tool can be useful.

Communication is key. So why don’t you join and let’s connect via Twitter – it’s easier than you think. Just join, and start to find people that you want to follow – and start to “twitter” about what you’re doing. It’s that simple – just keep it under 140 characters.

Start to share your life – it’s great!



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