Posted by: mylifeisepic | July 17, 2008

Jesus for President

I first heard about Shane Claiborne a few years ago when he was speaking at a Peace Conference I am affiliated with. He’s dynamite in a 6 foot 3 bean pole frame with dreads and homemade clothing.

I have read some of his “Irresistable Revolution”, and I’m almost done with his newest book, “Jesus for President” and I can say that this guy rocks. I don’t agree with 100% he says, but that doesn’t matter – I agree with him on the important things.

Well, my bride and I drove to Southlake tonight to see him (and Chris Haw) speak at a church about his book, “Jesus for President.” The Psalters were there too providing dramatic music throughout the entire talk, and it was awesome.

I’ll share my in-depth thoughts/summary on the book later, but all I want to say now is…




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