Posted by: mylifeisepic | August 1, 2008

End of a long summer!

It’s been a long summer, but a good summer that is starting to come to a close. It’s been pretty full:

1. My sister’s wedding the end of June
2. Middle School Missions Trip (June 29th – July 4th)
3. High School Missions Trip (July 6th – July 13th)
4. Student Ministries Summer Camp (July 21 – July 25)

But it was a fantastic summer! We took 85 people (students & leaders) on the missions trips and 73 people to Summer Camp.

Here are some things that I learned this summer:

1. Teenagers + Monster Energy Drinks + Texas heat = VOMIT.
2. A rental van can take a lot of beating on the roads in Mexico.
3. I love Palm Valley Church.
4. It’s hot in Texas in July. Really…it is.
5. When you get people to verbally express what they are expecting God to do in them on a trip, God shows up and meets them. On the High School trip, it was great to see every student find from God what they were expecting to find – no matter how small or big.
6. We have amazing leaders at Epic Student Ministries. Every single one of them stepped up and kicked major booty. So proud of them!
7. Our intern, Courtney Gregory, is awesome. Too bad she has to go back to Florida this weekend. Pray we can get her back soon!!!
8. I love Hope Fellowship. It’s great to serve here and I look forward to what God is doing here.
9. I’m gonna miss Chris Exley – Him and his really cool family were in town this summer from Kenya but they headed back today. Hopefully I can head out there eventually and go see them – got a cool project in the works!

Now, it’s time for school to start back up! Here we go!



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