Posted by: mylifeisepic | August 24, 2008

I know it’s been forever since I posted last, so here’s a quick update for what’s been going on:

1.  We’ve been working on planning our trip to Europe.  We leave October 13th and return the 23rd.  We’re goint to Naples, Rome, Venice, Munich, and Berlin.  We’re packing light and doing it “backpack” style.

2.  My wonderful sister gave me a giftcard for the Apple store which I was amazingly able to use to get an iPhone 3G.  I really like it!  Is it life-changing?  Not dramatically, but it is really stinkin’ cool.  5 Thumbs up.

3.  Started  It’s a website for online collaboration between creatives, as well as a freelance design site.  If you ever need any graphic design work (posters, postcards, logos, html emails, etc) contact us.  We’re just tired of sitting back and only creating stuff when needed.  We long to be an artistic community – “creating, innovating, and challenging the status quo.”

4.  I’ve been training for a triathlon with my buddies Aubrey, Harry, and Pete lately.  I’ve been running a 4 mile trek twice a week, swimming twice a week (my weakest part), and doing spin class and cycling outdoors twice a week.  We did an 18 mile bike trip Saturday morning – it was GREAT!  So excited for the Tri on September 20th.  So far we have about 8 guys doing the Tri with us – gonna be a fun group activity.

5.  I went to the Echo Conference last week, and it was great!  This is one of my all-time favorite conferences.  Got to meet up with a bunch of Twitter/Blog friends, meet some new people, and get some great motivation and inspiration for media and technology in the church.  I’ll have a big post about Echo soon.  It was well worth the time, money, and energy.  Loved it!

6.  I’m doing fantasy football for the first time with the guys from my family (uncles, cousins, etc).  This could mean a lot come Christmas time – lots of smack talking going on.  My team is called “The Dookies,” and my tagline is “Get ready to get hit with a pile of dooky.”  Vulgar – I know.  Funny – yes.



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