Posted by: mylifeisepic | August 29, 2008

Things my dog is scared of

I have a 10 month old puppy named Zoey that we just absolutely love.  Zoey is half Lab, half Golden Retreiver.  She’s about 55 lbs, so she’s not huge, but not small either.

The thing about Zoey is that she’s a scaredy-dog.  Not a “scaredy-cat”, but very similar.  Here are some things our dog is terrified of:

1.  The vacuum – This is understandable – most vacuums scare me.

2.  My Gorilla mask – I have a monkey mask that I bought a few years ago.  Just the mere sight of this mask sends my dog into crazy-land.  So, it makes it a fun toy.

3.  Ghosts – we live in a 90 year old home, and the chance that it’s haunted is high (just kidding).  But there is something in the back corner of our yard that drives my dog nuts.  She gets the crazy razorback and barks like a real dog (which is rare for her).  We never see anything or hear anything – but the weird thing is that in the back corner is the old building that the doctor who lived in our house in the 20s and 30s used as a home office.  People were born there, and people died in that room.  Rumor is Dr. Saye’s father died in our house too.  Creepy.

4.  The blender –  My dog hates our blender.  No – not when it’s on and really loud.  Rather, the actual blender itself makes my dog want to pee itself.  I actually chased Zoey around the house holding the base of the unplugged blender in my hand.  What is wrong with me dog? (And some of you will ask what is wrong with me!?)

5.  The Vacuum bag – going back to number 1, my dog hates the vacuum.  Not only does that scare her, but the plastic part of the vacuum that holds all of the sucked up material (formerly known as the “bag”) scares my dog. Why?  It’s only a clear plastic container attached to the vacuum.  Again – I know she is terrified of this because I chased her around the house with it in my hand.  I’m horrible.

6.  Zoey – my dog is scared of herself in the mirror.  I won’t go any further than that.  And no – I haven’t chased her around the house with a mirror…yet.

7.  Power Tools – scaredy-cat.  She hates the sight of any power tool.  Drill – check.  Cordless screwdriver – check.  Power saw – check.  Weedeater – check.

Those are some things that we’ve discovered in a little over 6 months that my dog is scared of.  I’m sure there will be more.




  1. Aaron, you make me laugh. You guys need to come visit us. NGK is afraid of a few of those things too. But I think it would be cruel to chase her around the house with any of them.

  2. you are just as bad as joel. he does the same kind of thing to poor brody. i usually make him stop. brody is afraid of a lot of things too – the kitchen (near the stove, fridge, and dishwasher) he won’t go near that area not even to get his favorite toy, the water hose, the vacuum, and the weed wacker (when joel uses it, the dog either hides in his house, or turn around in circles on the other end of the yard)

    i’m sure there’s more but i haven’t allowed joel to torment our dog in a while, so i can’t remember any more. :o)

  3. My lab is afraid of most those things, but also the laundry basket, or as she remembers, jail. One time as a puppy I trapped her under it and now she freaks out around it. I too, chase her around the house holding the laundry basket.

  4. My Gypsy (a 1 1/2 year old mixed breed) is terrified of plastic bags- garbage bags, grocery bags, shopping bags.. anything that moves and can hold things

  5. what’s wrong with you guys?

  6. Most dogs are totally freaked out by the vacuum! Mine if terrified of it…Like it’s going to gobble him up or something!! Cheers~

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