Posted by: mylifeisepic | October 10, 2008

Europe, here we come!

Jeanette and I have been dreaming of going to Europe since we got married 4 years ago, and we are finally making it a reality!  We jumped on some cheap(er) airline tickets a few months ago, and on Tuesday we head out from DFW airport for a 9 day quick-trip to Europe.  We are so excited!  Here’s our itinerary:

Tuesday, October 14 – Dallas-Washington DC-Frankfurt-Naples

Wednesday, October 15 – Visit Pompei, Italy

Thursday, October 16 – Rome

Friday, October 17 – Rome

Saturday, October 18 – Venice

Sunday, October 19 – Munich

Monday, October 20 – Munich (Neushwanstein Castle)

Tuesday, October 21 – Berlin

Wednesday, October 22 – Berlin

Thursday, October 23 – Berlin to DFW

This is going to be a GREAT trip and we are stocked up and ready to take pictures.  With my two memory cards for my camera we have enough room for over 10,000 pictures.  Don’t worry though – I won’t take that many.

You can follow us (when I have wifi) at, or come be our Facebook friend.

See ya on the flipside!




  1. Sounds amazing, Aaron!

  2. wow! crazy awesome trip…it must be nice to be on a youth pastor’s salary…us church planters go to the texas state fair for vacation.

    have an amazing trip…travel safe!

  3. i’m so excited for you guys! and i expect to see lots of amazing pictures!!

  4. The thing, I think, that is going to be the most fun for Jeanette is that incredibly you are going to know all the of the random, somewhat unknown history behind every building in all of Europe. And when she asks, “How did you know that?” You are going to mumble and just say you read it somewhere.

    So here’s to my good friend that amazingly knows more facts than anyone I’ve ever met. Have a good trip!

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